London to Brighton…

The route...

The route...

The day had arrived – the 10th October 2009 – we were going to ride from London to Brighton. Quite a popular route, a lot of people do it for charity – we were doing it for fun.

A few of us were riding the route on fixed gear bikes – for those that dont know, that means one gear, you cant stop pedaling – the gear is fixed, no coasting!! Plus uphill and downhill you have no option but to pedal with what you have.

Looking forward to it, the venture could be described as fun – the hill climbs and extra few miles soon changed the meaning of the word ‘fun’.

Listed as a 57 mile route leaving from Clapham Common – we ended up covering 69 miles in total.

Along the way the most eventful occasion was one man giving us the belief that human kindness does still exists – half way heading up the steepest hill at the end of the route STEVES chain snaps, a passer-by then stops at the top of the hill and fixes said snapped chain for steve – he then gets back in his car and spots us, pulls over to let us know what had happened aswell as giving us some direction to avoid riding on very busy A road. So thank you bald headed jesus guy with the huge beard.

 Watch the video here


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