Drunken thinking Social Networking and Adultery…

A little bit of background info on this one – we (Myself, Steve, Tim) go to free art exhibitions, these art exhibitions provide free beer – hence the reason we turn up, we drink said beer and eventually end up drunk, we then usually head some where else to end the evening e.g a pub.

All very straight forward – however without fail there is always an argument – or debate!

Most of these ‘debates’ usually involve me having a rant about something only mildly relevant to the conversation, these rants are about things I have been thinking about but don’t know if it has been proven yet. I thought I would write one of these up as I felt I made a fairly decent point last night from what I remember.

**This is only a thought with no proven fact and sadly I don’t have the ability to research and prove this but from a few quick searches on the internet have not found the exact answer either**


Summarising my thoughts below in a graph I was thinking that back in the day – people used to find a loved one, they would go courting, they would fall in love, they would get married, they would perhaps have babies and live happily every after.

This dynamic in general seemed to shift with less life long partners – the age of marriage moving back to laters years etc.

the growth of social networking and the increase in adultery and relationship length

the growth of social networking and the increase in adultery and relationship length

Bringing social networking into the mix and adultery – my new view was perhaps the shift now is infact reversing slightly.

Young people go out – maybe they don’t find it easy to talk to the opposite sex, one day they hit it off with someone the relationship goes on they are happy to have someone and it works.


Nowadays you can meet someone – or find someone very easily – online and hit it off without even looking. An innocent night out, you meet someone nice, add them on Facebook (where you can find out almost everything about this person) before you speak to them again – you can see they love the same things you do, have a similar personality etc.

Some people might be stuck in that stale relationship or with the person you love, but you learnt to love them – now you have easy access to all these amazing people you hit it off with instantly.

This is why on the graph I believe people are going to find longevity again in relationship because they are finding those people with similar interests and perfect matches rather than just scooping the most flamboyant talker on a night out. Hopefully because people will be meeting these perfect matches’ relationships will be less prone to adultery – social networking will continue to grow.

I know what you are thinking – and yes it is always a Rock n Roll night out with me.


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