The best 5 I could whip up…

So, I havent posted anything for a week… A WHOLE WEEK… I’ve also been a little quiet on Twitter and Facebook. This is mainly because I have been extra busy at work – I’m not gona bang on about being a ‘busy bee’ as I am sure there are people out there just as busy if not more – but – jesus – it has been a while since late nights, no lunches, a distinct lack of food and online consumption.

The busyness is due to the organisation of the 1000 Most Influential Londoners Party… the one good thing about this that I quite like – is the invite:




So, what I have managed to see this week.

1) This came through, reminding me I havent seen much to share this week, it is the Hey Jude Flow Chart via @aprildesign and

We work with a girl called jude so that makes it a little more relevant but still good stuff even if you have never met a Jude.


2) I just realised a majority of this list is going to come via @aprildesign, he also showed me this guy on Twitter – Shit My Dad Says which is about Shit His Dad Says

Some genius quotes on here, the guy is 29, living with his 73-year-old dad. He just writes down shit that he says such as:

“Nobody is that important. They eat, shit, and screw, just like you. Maybe not shit like you, you got those stomach problems.”

“I like the dog. If he can’t eat it, or fuck it, he pisses on it. I can get behind that.”

“That woman was sexy…Out of your league? Son. Let women figure out why they won’t screw you, don’t do it for them.”



3) Whilst we are on the @aprildesign recommendations. He has been raving about this podcast all week – Fever Ray Halloween special. I havent got round to listening and I’m intrigued by the odd description he gave but also a 9/10.

Have a listen see what you think



4) Now, one thing I did have time for was going to see Fantastic Mr Fox. I thought it might be a kids film, I have to admit I hadnt read the book either… ut it gets two thumbs up from me and if I had a third it would probably get that as well.



5) Finally, something that came through just short of making last weeks top 5 –

Fairly straight forward, It is a selection of lovely, if not AMAZING packaging. some great inspiration and can follow on twitter: @LovelyPackage


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