APG one BIG THOUGHT too late…

I was looking in to The Battle of Big Thinking 2009  – If you attend you will hear more than 20 of the biggest thinkers in seven specialisms talk about the most interesting things going on in their worlds.Sounds great but  little bit price to attend – I noticed there was an ‘open mic’ section – young people get the chance to present a big idea. I needed to think of a big idea and get it across in about 100 words.

I must say I have ALOT of thoughts on marketing, digital, social media, mobile etc – but I selected to write up the below inspired by a quote I saw this morning that had no correlation to marketing, digital or anything close. Relating it to a possible BIG idea I feel for the future, something to bare in mind as we see and experience success after success in the digital sector and new generations of entrepreneurs move into the spotlight.

Looking behind you going forward…

As the world of digital powers forward with daily improvements to make life easier, we need to remember one thing ‘Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it’.

There was a time when newspapers, magazine and television ruled the media airways – not to say they are all doomed – but the lack of focus, understanding and openness to new ways of working along with an age old ignorance have bought some of the largest brands and companies crashing down to reality.

Digital can not become complacent. The top social sites can not bask in their glory for too long – innovations and change must be embraced. Those that make shifts must continue to shift as the needs of their customer do. Digital should not dictate but continue to innovate and lead the consumer of the future.

I felt happy enough to send this across…. Turns out deadline has passed. Maybe next year hey!?