Sweet Tweets of the week…

You may notice – I have opened it up and taken away the shackles of a number… I might even start categorising in future – you know for the thousands that might read this. 

1) First up this little oddity that came through early in the week – Banners On Flies. This is kind of what it says on the tin – oddly they have tied advertising banners to flies (yes the ones that swarm round poo) at a trade show and then let them fly about. 

2) Next up the new Twitter revelation that is – LISTS – I notice they had introduced these but I wasnt to sure how I would find them useful – one read of this article by Dave Troy (via @martinbailie) and I was up to speed seeing how they are useful and also the future potential of commercialisation. I even set some up myself – so I can view them and perhaps cut out some of the less interesting tweets and get straight to those people I truely enjoy reading/learning something new from.


3) A book to read

baked invia @martinbailie also with the line –  

Baked-In book review – ‘Translation: Put the marketing guys in charge.’ Like it!

I to like this idea, going to track the book down and have a read – sounds interesting.     


You might have noticed Google’s graphics this week – we saw and awesome Wallace and Grommit one but then the past couple of days has been 40th Anniversary Seasame Street images. Loving the cookie monster.

cookie monster google  Bert and Ernie google

Now over to resident eagle eye’d design guru @aprildesign, this week he has supplied some things he like for his own dedicated section

Long Island, Good Art

Lovely work from Long Island based designer Dan Cassaro… http://youngjerks.com


RT cover
Rough Trade Shops yearly genre compilation CD Indiepop 09 out on Monday, limited edition varnished cover and classic fanzine style sleeve notes.

Tracklisting here


Graphic or Grafik (sp)

Finally Grafik magazine launch their own website, no doubt a very painful process for them… http://www.grafikmagazine.co.uk/

Last Days of Gourmet

Conde Nast shut the doors on the Gourmet magazine offices almost over night, Kevin Demaria documents the last few days… http://www.lastdaysofgourmet.com/


Yale Press drops distinctive Paul Rand designed logo… http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/art-news/2009/09/30/yale-press-drops-distinctive-logo/


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