I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was working on the Evening Standard 100 Most Influential Londoners party. This all came to a head last night.

The nerves we in place as we wondered whether London’s finest would actually show up at the event being held at Burberry HQ. Luckily they did.

A majority of the time was spent checking guest off of the list I had the pain staking task of keeping up to date and making sure no one was missed off should they show up.

But then after a while in the cold and welcoming people through I got to enjoy the champagne, canapes and company.

Burberry HQ is as elegant and elaborate as you would expect with marble, trench colouring and large screens containing a mix of fashionista staff.

Some pics below of a few guests – I didnt want to use my camera and end up looking like a star struck snap happy trourist – I like to think I played it cool.

Guests included – Boris Johnson, Ken Livingston, Holly Valance, Sir Philip Green, Christopher Bailey, Lor Mandleson and more. A worlds collide party with politics, fashion, business and sport all coming together.


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