Twitterfication and general consumption…

WOAH!! A. LOT… going on this week, I recon I may neatly compartmentalise the action into headed sections, like this:


Firstly – Call of Duty: Moder Warfare 2 is out… on the shelves – a majority probably have already experienced it if you know about it. Im picking it up on the way home tonight and probably going to spend far to much of my weekend on it.

While on the subject of entertainment procurement – Russell Brand Scandelous also came out this week – you either like him or you dont, but I do and cant wait to watch it. I can give my eyes a well deserved rest from Call of Duty.


Now on to mind expansion and interesting things bought to me in part by twitter.


1) Learn something new every day some great amusing things on this site and as it says on the tin – you get to learn something new every day. Simple drawings like the one below which illustrate the fact of the day.


2) while you might be in the mood for interesting pics – I like this site of minimalist posters for TV shows (via @brainpicker)

tv poster

3) To continue being all cultural and shizzle Ill drop another pretty picture bomb on ya with these moleskin illustrations… I wish I could draw.


4) Finally for the artsy section, there was this (via @iA) which I found amusing in a geeky kind of way:

google wave

That does lead on to the slightly more Geeky Spots of the Week….

5) The Periodic Table of Marketing Elements… yeah, tis good! (we think this one was via @iA)

periodic marketing

6) Now for a good olds graph, I do like a good graph… the money that Apple has made – I want my bank account to look like this. Im working on it.

apple chart

7) CHECK. OUT. THE. NEW. APPLE. STORE curttosey of: check out the inside on the site.


8 ) Some time lapse graffitti on the Casio shop down Carnaby Street for the film Avatar.

9) Finally, last week I was excited about the Seasame Street characters taking over the google logos… Now, here they all are in HD glory plus some behind the scenes, we were wondering if they were pghotoshop jobs or photo shoots. Use them as backgrounds!!



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