Work related malarky…

The people you see on Xfactor might be desperate looking for that little bit of fame but do you think this can reflect the average job application? Are there people diluded in much the same way with their work – loving the idea of the job and its a dream job – but clearly lacking the skills they need… it worries me – because occassionally someone might say ‘they will do’ and put them through – scuppering your chances to bring real talent to the table.

So this is a work related page – what better thing to put on here than a C.V… Now I have been fFing around with CV’s for a while because I think it is interesting to make them interesting. They may not work for you but it depends on the job – and lets face it in this current climate standing out can’t be a bad thing – so here a few ideas i have had:

Firstly the charted format:


Chart Style

Then there’s the new one I started working on, where it is more a flow through the career.

The boxes represent each role with the dates on the arrows, I am also looking to use the white space for example of work in some way.

Flow Chart Style with room for more...

Flow Chart Style with room for more...

Obviously all these boxes may not be to everyones liking or perhaps not appropriate to the role. I also worked on a more classic style – taking the idea of a newspaper or magazine layout – with the job role, date and title working as the image and then the text wrapping round it.

Classic with wrapped text

Classic with wrapped text

Let me know if you have any thoughts or emotions about any of these, always good to get other peoples points of view…


Old Skool media types

Old Skool media types


Back in the day, not so long ago as my parents tell me. It seems that people took careers for longevity and security.

Security in these times is definitely hard to find and perhaps longevity too but within media – especially the digital sector – what is longevity? Most roles and titles have only just come about and I am sure new ones added daily.

Company structures maybe still remain similar with a hierarchy but finding that dream jobs isn’t quite what it was (possibly it no longer exists) but also with the changing landscape and keeping up to date with advances in technologies and communications means you may no longer have direction.

You might spend the next few years going down the Social Network Optimisation route for it to turn out to be to hit or miss, so many accounts lay dormant or people just joining groups with no return rendering it a less viable medium which has been replaced or to the bottom of the ad spend budget.

Of course marketing or design skills acquired over the years can keep you in your desired field – but look at Myspace, one minute your chugging along in the dream job at a rate of knots just to have the carpet taken from underneath your feet.

There’s also those moving into areas they’d not nessarily know – one minute your doing promotions and events – the next you’re thrown in the deep digital pool, a lot to learn and unlike certain areas of marketing or design there is not just the message and look to think of but also the best practices and technical knowledge. Th amount of emails I get from reputable companies that look nice enough with no mistakes in them but then they have a blue borders round images (sorry a pet piece of mine image properties  border!! DO IT!!)

I know someone that wants to be a journalist and it is what they know, love and have learnt and they are banging on the doors of paper based products putting in the effort and time for free on internships. I’m not saying sell out, if it is what you truly would love to do but the web has outgrown the paper based brands in terms of investment…. I maybe wrong but Im sure we shall soon see what happens to those brands pumping their funds in to the paper product instead of getting their online proposition in place, enough examples have gone down the pan already.

In summary, the working world of media is not what it was – in some respects I feel that some people are still playing catchup and guessing games to get things right and it could be risky business for some bright sparks out their who don’t think before they leap at nostalgic heroines for a career.



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